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Our Featured Product is Surge Pure. Surge Pure is One of the Finest State of the Art Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) on the Market Today. Not Only Does it Enhance Overall System Performance by Reducing Equipment Malfunction, Failures, and Downtime. It also Protects Your Entire Electrical System From Lightning Hazards as well as Increases the Efficency of Motors, HVAC units, and Extends the Life of Lamps and Ballasts.

Surge Pure has a LIFETIME Warranty!

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New UL 1449, 3rd Edition Effective Dates for SPD Systems for Service Entrance
and Sub-Panel Locations

Surge Pure has been Fully Tested and Passed the Latest More Stringent Testing Standard for Hi-Energy SPD (Surge Protection Device) systems, the UL 1449, 3rd Edition. Some company's out there have not been tested to the new standard but try to make it look like they are by saying "UL 1449, 2nd Edition, including the requirements of Feb. 9th, 2007". The thing is if it doesn't say 3rd Edition, its not. This new standard was announced to the industry Feb. 9th, 2007 but does not go into affect until Sept. 29th, 2009. The reason for the new standard is because history has shown that certain manufacturers out there have had their devices blow up or start on fire. Surge Pure has the highest surge capacities in the industry and is also the safest as well. Surge Pure Modules do not degrade over time like conventional SPD designs. Proving this by utilizing ETL's (Electrical Testing Laboratories) test facility (world’s largest independent testing facility - founded by Thomas Edison) passing the UL 1449, 3rd Edition, and in addition Surge Pure's complete line of High Quality SPD Modules have an SCCR rating of 200kAIC, again proving Safety. Surge Pure is ETL listed to the new UL 1449, 3rd Edition Standard.

DEMAND BETTER - Demand the New UL 1449, 3rd Edition Standard
found on all Surge Pure SPD modules for
your Home or Projects.


Surge Pure is your most vital defense against today's Rolling Brownouts and Blackouts! Because, whether you are in the city or in the country, if it's your home, business, or industrial facility your total investment in appliances, computer systems or factory automation, your entire electrical systems and electronics equipment is being destroyed! And you don't know its happening! Sometimes your sensitive components get fried instantly, but it's mostly due to gradual overall equipment deterioration. Hazardous spikes, surges and other stressful power conditions result from brownouts, lightning storms, load shifting, and constant utility induced power grid switching! Surge Pure provides safe long-term, total power systems integrity and protection from major looming loses, and offers you peace-of-mind for your lifetime!

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